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About Urological Society of India
The Urological Society of India (USI) came into existence as 'Urology Section' of the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) at their Annual Conference in Baroda in December, 1961. At inception a provisional Executive Committee with the late Dr. G.M. Phadke as the Chairman and Dr. B.N. Colabawalla as the Hon.Secretary-cum-Treasurer, were entrusted with the task of framing the rules, enrolling members and ensuring passage through the Governing Body of A.S.I. The membership of the Urology Section, which was later on rechristened as, "The Urological Society of India" was 32, and most of whom were general surgeons along with a handful of trained urologists..
Check list for new membership 1. Duly filled membership form with signature from two full members 2. Copy of last degree 3. Payment confirmation receipt please send all the documents to central office delhi by speedpost / courier
USICON 2020, Kochi
Kerala is not only famous for its backwaters, temples, Trichur Pooram and elephants, but also for its great hospitality. Urology had its firm roots in Kerala soil and, indeed, Urological Association of Kerala, can legitimately claim to be the mother of such associations. occasion.
Uro-Nursing Update 2019
25-26 January 2019
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BOE Activities
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The Board of Education has been conducting a lot of activities to benefit both the residents as well as the members of the society. BOE conducts Mock Exams, conducts Instructional Courses, has travel fellowship exams for the residents and conducts CME’s and Instructional Courses for the members of the society.
USI - Olympus Travel Fellowship Award Winners for the year 2019
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2019 Award Winners
During the annual conference of the society, USI presents awards for papers presented in various categories. There are awards for best paper, best video, best poster and an award for the best essay. The senior members as well as guests are also felicitated during the conference by way of delivering various orations.
List of Award Winners for the Year 2019
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