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Dear All,

The purpose of the BOE online written exam is to assess whether the candidate demonstrates the level of knowledge required to be selected for the various International travelling fellowships of the Urological Society of India.
Fellowships details with their approximate timings & number of fellowships available/ (subject to change) are as follows:  
AUA: 4 fellowships – will be in May of next year
BAUS: 2 fellowships – will be in June of next year 
Singapore: 2 fellowships – will be in August end of next year
EUREP: 2 fellowships – will be in Sept of next year
SLAUS: 2 fellowships - will be in the month of October / November next year (Sri Lanka)
NAUS: 2 fellowships – will be in February / March of next year
BAUS: 2 fellowships - Bangladesh Association annual conference

Venue : The examination is to be taken at one of the secured test centres, as listed below. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. The candidate should be a resident of a recognized teaching Institution for MCh or DNB Urology. The year of residency is according to the MCh / DNB Calendar
  1. Resident should be in their residency at the time of availing the travelling fellowships


  1. DNB students who are now in 2nd year – are eligible for all fellowships as next year they will be in 3rd year & will not finish the exam till Dec.
  2. MCh students who are in 3rd year & are appearing for exam in July/Aug 2020 – are eligible only for AUA & BAUS travelling fellowships. While those now in 2nd year & will appear for exam in July/August 2021 – are eligible for all fellowships. Those MCh students who will appear for exam in Dec – are eligible for all fellowships.
  3. Applicant must be Associate Member of USI at the time of application. Those with “applied for membership now” are not eligible.

Those who wish to avail AUA travelling fellowship – should be a member of AUA & should have obtained AUA ID before applying for the exams. “Applied for membership” status is not enough. They will be considered as non-members & automatically will not be considered for AUA travelling fellowship however they will be eligible for other fellowships.
Candidates should have a passport with adequate validity for at least 1 year, at the time of travel fellowship. “Applied for passport” status is not acceptable.  
A student can avail international travelling fellowship only once. If a student when awarded the fellowship does not accept the fellowship, he/she is then not eligible to appear for the exam the next year.
How to apply:
Candidates must fill up the form put up on web site, with the necessary attachments. Completed form should be sent to Chairman BOE by email. (usicentraloffice1@gmail.com)
Repeaters of the MCh/DNB Exit exam are not eligible.
File to be sent only in Word format saved as his surname.
Examination Fees:  Rs.1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand only)

Online Exam
Date of Exam – 24th Sunday of November 2019
The examination shall be taken at one of the identified test centres. On the registration form, each postgraduate must indicate two cities in order of preference, for appearing for the examination. However the candidates will be accommodated in or as close as possible to the city of his or her choice.
The applicants must submit the completed application form and supporting documents on or before 15th November of the year.  
The examination consists of 110 MCQs, which must be completed in 90 minutes. All the questions and answers are only online.
Regarding confirmation of the venue, the candidate will be informed about the test centre details, before the 20th November.  

How assessment will be done:
The scoring system is based on the number of correct answers. No points are deducted for a wrong answer. Candidates will receive a letter with their result by email within 10 days the examination results will be announced at the valedictory of the next USICON.  
Marks obtained in MCQ exam – to be conducted online – at the specified centers, and marks obtained in the academic assessment.   
In case of a tie, the academic assessment shall be given preference.    
The allocation of fellowships shall be in decreasing order of merit as follows: 
AUA: 4 fellowships            
BAUS: 2 fellowships             
Singapore: 2 fellowships            
EUREP:  2 fellowships   
SLAUS: 2 fellowships                       
NAUS: 2 fellowships
BAUS: 2 fellowships (Bangladesh)

BOE – USI online written centres
-       Bangalore
-       Chennai
-       Delhi
-       Hyderabad
-       Kolkata
-       Lucknow
-       Mumbai
-       Nadiad
-       Kochi

Submission of supporting documents
The applicant must submit the following documents by e-mail to Mr. Navneet Arora at usicentraloffice1@gmail.com  on or before the 15th November 2019.
a)    Original resident statement printed on Institution letterhead and signed by the Programme Director regarding year of residency and authenticity of attached documents.   
b)    Publications list with copies of articles. 
c)    Only registration forms that are completely filled with all the necessary enclosures will be accepted.
Every student must possess a passport valid for the next 1 year. Copy of the passport and identity card must be sent along with the application form.

Dr Rajeev T P                                                                                               Dr Aneesh Srivastava
Hon Secretary, USI                                                                                     Chairman, BOE-USI