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USI Clinical Fellowships program

USI is pleased to announce fellowships for young urologists, starting from March 2020.

Eligibility Requirements:
Full USI member, trainee USI member eligible for full conversion.

Selection process:
Selection of the candidate for any particular fellowship position will be on merit and the decision of BOE (board of education USI), past president and honorary secretary will be final.

Fellowship Details:
The responsibilities during the fellowship, stipend, accommodation etc.

Period & Number of Fellowships:
Three kinds of fellowships with different durations on offer under this program.
Sub-specialities offered:
The details of various sub-specialities on offer at present for these fellowships.
Institutions where fellowships are available:
List of major institutions all over the country from which the candidates can choose.
USI will issue an appropriate certificate for the fellowship / observer-ship after the completion and the candidates will be facilitated at USI annual meeting.

Grievances and dispute redressal:
Any grievances or disputes will be resolved by USI board of education.
Feedback and review of program:
Honest feedback will be desired from the candidate and the institutions at the end of the fellowship.
Please find the details about the fellowship program in the brochure below