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home Inter Zonal Cricket Tournament @ 53rd USICON, Kochi

1. There shall be 4 teams, one from each zone –

Eastern Eagles,
Northern Ninjas,
Southern Slayers
Western Warriors

2. It shall be a knock out tournament. Two Semi Finals and Final. Total 3 matches. The order of play shall be by draw of lots.

3. In case of a tie the winner shall be decided by a Super Over. The teams shall bat opposite to the order they batted during the main game and wides and no balls will be re-bowled. If there is a tie after Super Over then the winner shall be decided by draw of lots.

4. Each innings should take no longer than 25 minutes

5. Each team to have 11 Playing members

USI Playing Rules:

In all instances the MCC laws of cricket in conjunction with the USI playing conditions apply


1. A maximum of eleven (11) nominated players are eligible to play each game.

2. A match shall consist of two (2) five (5) over innings (one innings per side, six balls per over)

3. The batting team shall be awarded four (4) runs for each wide or no ball bowled.

4. Wide and no balls will only be re-bowled in the fifth and final over of the innings.

5. Five (5) players shall be designated as batsman who shall bat along with the wicket keeper. The innings shall complete at the fall of the 5th wicket.

6. Five (5) players shall be nominated as bowlers who shall bowl one over each.

7. The wicketkeeper shall not bowl.

8. The team scoring the most runs in the match will be declared the winner.

9. The match shall continue till both teams finish quota of overs or are bowled out.

10. The match ends in a draw if both sides score identical runs irrespective of overs used or wickets lost.

11. The tournament and all decisions requiring arbitration will be governed by a tournament committee consisting of the Tournament Director and Two Co Directors


Dr Anil Elhence
Tournament Director
Dr Rajeev TP Dr Vinod KV
Co Directors