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The Urological Society of India (USI) came into existence as 'Urology Section' of the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) at their Annual Conference in Baroda in December, 1961. At inception a provisional Executive Committee with the late Dr. G.M. Phadke as the Chairman and Dr. B.N. Colabawalla as the Hon. Secretary-cum-Treasurer, were entrusted with the task of framing the rules, enrolling members and ensuring passage through the Governing Body of A.S.I. The membership of the Urology Section, which was later on rechristened as, "The Urological Society of India" was 32, and most of whom were general surgeons along with a handful of trained urologists.
The first department of Urology, free from the shackles of general surgical service, was probably established at George's Hospital, Bombay in 1961-62 with Dr. B.N. Colabawalla as the Head. Well established centres were soon established at Madras, Vellore. Delhi and Chandigarh under the Chairmanship of Prof. A. Venugopal, Prof. H.S. Bhat, Prof. S.M. Singh and Prof. B.C. Bapna respectively. This was followed by, in the subsequent years, establishment of many such departments all over the country. At present, we have close to 100 centers recognized for M.Ch. Urology training and about equal number of centers recognized by the National Board of Urology for the award of D.N.B.
The Society holds its annual conference usually in the month of January by rotation in the four zones. The annual conference is usually attended by close to 2000 delegates. Apart from scientific deliberations, there is technical exhibition for latest equipment in urology. The annual conference provides the biggest platform in the country for meeting of the best minds and newest ideas relating to the development and progress in the field of urology.
The Society has created four zonal chapters with the idea of spreading urology to each & every corner of India. Each zonal chapter conducts its own CME programs, workshops and annual conference which are attended by 300-400 delegates. The Society also publishes its own journal, the 'Indian Journal of Urology', and a Newsletter, four times a year. The Indian Journal of Urology is an indexed Journal by the Excerpt Medica and Pubmed (Medline).
The Indian Urology has now come of age and the membership has now crossed 2500. We have entered the new millennium with plenty of hope and promise from our younger colleagues, who will take us to even greater heights.
Editors of the Indian Journal of Urology
Dr Y Sachdev
Dr OP Taneja
Dr MS Rao
Dr M Bhandari
Dr K Sashidaran
Dr Santosh Kumar
Dr Nitin Kekre
Dr Rajeev Kumar
Himadri Sarkar Orators
1991 Dr A Rangandha Rao
1992 Dr VNP Tripathi
1993 Dr Ajit G Phadke
1994 Dr A Rajsekaran
1995 Dr Shyam S Joshi
1996 Dr P Roy Chally
1997 Dr SS Bapat
1998 Dr Bimlendu Mukharjee
1999 Dr C Nageshwara Rao
2000 Dr SD Bapat
2001 Dr SC Mathur
2002 Dr AP Pandey
2003 Dr MH Kamat
2004 Dr SK Sharma
2005 Dr SN Wadhwa
2006 Dr M Bhandari
2007 Dr Mahesh R Desai
2008 Dr K Shashidharan
2009 Dr NP Gupta
2010 Dr Ajay Kumar
2011 Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
2012 Dr Subhash V Kotwal
2013 Dr P B Singh
2014 Dr Jagdish Kulkarni
2015 Dr R M Meyyappan
2016 Dr Deepak Kirpekar
List of Past Presidents
1961-62 Dr GM Phadke
1962-63 Dr Bharucha
1964-65 Dr SP Srivastava
1965-66 Dr SJ Mehta
1966-67 Dr CS Worah
1967-68 Dr SR Jogelakar
1968-69 Dr KK Ghosh
1969-70 Dr U Mohan Rao
1970-71 Dr BN Balkrishan Rao
1971-72 Dr HS Bhat
1973-74 Dr BN Colabawalla
1975-76 Dr DK Karanjawalla
1976-77 Dr Surinder Man Singh
1977-78 Dr A Venugopal
1979-80 Dr BC Bapna
1981-82 Dr KC Gangwal
1983-84 Dr P Venugopal
1985-86 Dr C Chinnaswamy
1987-88 Brig Dr B Routray
1989-90 Dr A Rangandha Rao
1990-91 Dr VNP Tripathi
1991-92 Dr Ajit G Phadke
1992-93 Dr A Rajsekaran
1993-94 Dr Shyam S Joshi
1994-95 Dr P Roy Chally
1995-96 Dr SS Bapat
1996-97 Dr Bimlendu Mukharjee
1997-98 Dr C Nageshwara Rao
1998-99 Dr SD Bapat
1999-2000 Dr SC Mathur
2000-01 Dr AP Pandey
2001-02 Dr MH Kamat
2002-03 Dr SK Sharma
2003-04 Dr SN Wadhwa
2004-05 Dr M Bhandari
2005-06 Dr Mahesh R Desai
2006-07 Dr K Shashidharan
2007-08 Dr NP Gupta
2008-09 Dr Ajay Kumar
2009-10 Dr Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
2010-11 Dr Subhash V Kotwal
2011-12 Dr P B Singh
2012-13 Dr Jagdish Kulkarni
2013-14 Dr R M Meyyappan
2014-15 Dr Deepak Kirpekar
2015-16 Dr Percy J Chibber
2016-17 Dr Rajeev Sood
2017-18 Dr P N Dogra
2018-19 Dr Ajit M Vaze
2019-20 Dr Madhu S Agrawal
List of Past Honorary Secretaries
1961-1972 Dr BN Colabawala
1972-1978 Dr BC Bapna
1978-1982 Dr AG Phadke
1982-1985 Dr Rangandha Rao
1986-1990 Dr Roy Chally
1991-1994 Dr C Nageshwara Rao
1995-1998 Dr SK Sharma
1999-2002 Dr NP Gupta
2002-2006 Dr Ajay Kumar
2006-2008 Dr RM Meyyappan
2009-2011 Dr Kim Mammen
2011-2013 Dr SK Singh
2013-2017 Dr D Ramesh
List of Past Honorary Treasurers
1961-1972 Dr BN Colabawala
1972-1978 Dr BC Bapna
1978-1980 Dr P Venugopal
1980-1984 Dr SS Joshi
1984-1988 Dr AG Phadke
1988-1992 Dr SS Bapat
1992-1996 Dr Sharad D Bapat
1996-2001 Dr Mahesh R Desai
2001-2005 Dr Snehal Patel
2005-2009 Dr JN Kulkarni
2009-2013 Dr Madhu Agrawal
2013-2017 Dr R Keshavamurthy
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