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Greetings from the BOE-USI

From the year 2017, the Board of Education (BOE) of Urological Society of India, has been embarking on new academic pursuits through The URO-MET (Urology Medical Education & Technology). The earlier URO-MET Programs which were conducted for Urology Residents have been very well received and appreciated by the students. The next URO-MET Program for Consultants   is now scheduled to be conducted on 15th & 16th December 2018.
URO-MET aims to address the ‘hands-on’ part of training, which so far had not being in the offerings on the BOE menu. 

The URO-MET by this training module, seeks to establish uniformity/standardization in the teaching of the basic principles of TUR-P, PCNL, URS, flexi-renoscopy, and laparoscope.  
It will also induce a session for better understanding of the Uro Medical Equipment and Technology being used by Urologists.

URO-MET (C) is being organized in Gurgaon at the Olympus Medical System Facility, next to Medanta Hospital from 15th & 16th December 2018

It will involve basic training in PCNL, flexi-renoscopy, TUR-P;

It is open only to consultants who have completed MCh/DNB within last 5 years). 

Registrations on First cum First Sever basis. Please mail your applications to Mr. Navneet Arora at centraloffice.usi@gmail.com

Application Form :  Download link

Pay Online : Pay Here 

With warm regards,


Dr Aneesh Srivastava
Chairman, BOE

Dr. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy
ISU Co-ordinator

Dr. Rajeev Sood
ISU Chairman